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Complete Cognitive Collapse

28 May 2020

Secondcup Me just experienced a complete cognitive collapse.

She walked into the kitchen and forgot why. Then she remembered she was going to make coffee, but that she was still forgetting something. Maybe something upstairs? But what?

Anyway, she went to make the coffee; opened the lid to pour water in, portioned out the coffee grounds, almost poured them into the water reservoir, pulled the filter canister instead, stood there with coffee grounds in one hand and filter in the other trying to figure out how to dump the filter without spilling the grounds, lost awareness of surroundings until her eyes reopened, (Maybe it was a micro nap?), put everything back, started over, walked away before turning the coffee maker on, still trying to figure out what she was forgetting, realizes she didn't turn the coffee maker on, couldn't remember what time it was . . .

Damn she's got to get moving, what the fuck is she forgetting?

Oh shit, that's what. Fuck it wasn't even important.

She still hasn't poured her coffee in her thermal pride travel mug.

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