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12 Months of Christmas

5 November 2022

Christmas has become 5 months of mourning Christmas-that-was followed by a 1 month Christmas in July resurrection that precedes 2 months of pinning for Christmas-to-Come which leads up to 3 months of Christmas advertising and an ever increasing amount of toxic Christmas "cheer".

Playing Christmas music in public spaces is a nonconsensual and coercive act of forced participation in Christianity. The first Public Christmas song I encountered this year was the second week of November. And let's be honest with one another, Christmas and Black Friday advertisements begin earlier every year. I saw the first ones of the year in October. Before Halloween! For those of us who don't celebrate Christian or Capitalist Christmas it gets to be overwhelming and inescapable.

Back at the beginning of September I had a bout of sleep paralysis this morning that lasted somewhere between 18 and 28 minutes. Interestingly, this time it came with a dream that bled into my waking. Christmas was on every TV channel and I could not turn it off. Anybody who knows me knows Christmas causes an extreme amount of anxiety. Being paralyzed and unable to escape Christmas was a very unpleasant way to start the morning.

Think about that. The anxiety of the approaching Christmas onslaught was bad enough for this to happen in September.

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