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Do NOT Look Away - Anti-trans, Anti-LGBTQ+ Legislation is Increasingly Devastating

10 March 2022

To my straight, cisgender friends - Do NOT look away. Do NOT remain silent.

The Republicans are introducing increasingly devastating anti-trans, anti-LGBTQ+ legislation.

Reading about it is uncomfortable. Imagine living through an all out war on you as a person. Imagine being a family having to choose between risking incarceration and having your children taken from you to provide them with the care they need to be whole, healthy, happy, and to thrive and watching them suffer, struggle through depression, or worse, take their own life.

We need you to sit with your own discomfort and then we need you to act. We need you to stand up and fight back. We need you to stop voting for the kings of people who support these destructive laws. We need you. The children need you.

If you think this doesn't affect you, you are wrong. Each and every one of you knows someone suffering because of these laws.

Newsweek: Idaho Trans Bill Makes it Illegal to Take Teens Out of State for Treatment.

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